I’m so beyond, super excited to announce that I’ll be accepting Lactation clients ( Breastfeeding education and classes) along with Birth education Clients ( Private birth education course’s.) I’ll come back to my doula clients some time within the next year.

Lactation fees will be the same as stated on the “services” page. Birth Education fees will be $150 per course, typically three course’s are needed. That will include a personalized birth plan and my support via text or email. I look forward to serving and meeting you!


If you don't know, now you know.

Guess what...



Thank you to all my wonderful clients that are constantly spreading the word about Jai'Ma Birth. I'm going to take this time to focus on the growing baby within me & to deal with some new life changes that include a relocation to Colorado. I truly love my Bay Area community and I thank you for the past 4 years of amazing clients and the best birth/doula community around.

If you're looking for a doula, please check out www.mtdiablodoulacommunity.org   A group of wonderful birth, and postpartum Doulas that i adore and trust. You can join them for a meet the doula night - MONTHLY - held at Body Love Cafe, Walnut Creek CA


— Jane Weideman

Tampons at your service!

Anything that gets delivered to my door is a friend of mine. Now, throw in free shipping and I'll love you forever. I like to call myself an explore, exploring around all the 80,000 tampon brands and bringing you the best. - HARD WORK I DO, I KNOW (It's all for you) HA!

After trying out a few different brands (all that delivered in cute little boxes) I've chosen my favorite, KALI BOXES!  

Pictured ; Kali wipette's 16 regular tampons, panty liners, coconut scrub.

Pictured; Kali wipette's 16 regular tampons, panty liners, coconut scrub.

If your not turned off by cardboard tampons, look no further! If your are - try CORA, they're another organic period delivery company that's equally as awesome & its a plastic product-  BUT back to Kali Boxes, why switch? Because they're 100% organic, chemical free tampons and pads, they offer free delivery, you can choose from multiple boxes that fit your liking & needs...look its just an awesome company that looks out to empower women one menstrual cycle at a time!

Can I touch on the coconut scrub for a bit?

would it be dramatic to say it's what dreams are made of? Because it is.

would it be dramatic to say it's what dreams are made of? Because it is.

This scrub you guys, SO GOOD! Yes, I could make this on my own but why would I when I can get it in a cute little box with other cute feminine stuff. -Valid point Justina, I know, I know.  But in all serious-ness these subjects are so important. I can't stress this enough, it's so important to take care of your Yoni, vagina, pussy, flower, cupcake (whatever you call her) SO IMPORANT! she's the connection to earth and all things great. Lets protect her, love on her & avoid toxins from entering her - I'm talking about chemicals, but I guess that can be a man too. Hummm, maybe that will be a future blog post? KIDDING.

If you're on the hunt for a new tampon product, check them out



Lets talk about menstrual cups....


Photo by gregory_lee/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gregory_lee/iStock / Getty Images

Okay, but seriously I love my Lena cup! Diva cups & Moon cups are equally as amazing.

The thought of a menstrual cup is a "EW' subject for a few, but its a subject that needs to be talked about. Prior to becoming fully liberated in my sexuality and body, I followed what society deemed as normal and acceptable (tampons, pads.) When people talked to me about menstrual cups I honestly got grossed out at the thought of having to change my cup and deal with my menstrual blood (the grown me is so sad that I was grossed out by my own fluids) but its reality for most women. Were taught to not talk about these subjects and were taught that Its gross and inappropriate at a young age.

I'm here to liberate and educate you on the benefits of using a menstrual cycle cup!

  • NO CHEMICALS (lets say it together) NO CHEMICALS!! non organic tampons contain toxic chemicals like chlorine bleach, dioxin, dyes and fibers - I don't want that going into my lady parts- also, glyphosate....yeah...no thank you!
  •  LEARN YOUR BODY & FLOW- when you change your cup (you can wear it for up to twelve hours at a time) you actually get to see and learn what your "normal" blood output is! It becomes liberating knowing what's actually happening with your cycle and body.
  • THEY LAST FOREVVAA- with good upkeep and care, your cup can seriously last forever which means saving money on your monthly visitor.
  • LESS LEAKS- with proper insertion (Its a learning curve) the cup should form a suction which means no leaks!! woot woot!!


I'm not opposed to using tampons, I actually carry a few after just incase STAY TUNED FOR MY NEXT BLOG ABOUT AWESOME TAMPON COMPANIES! But a cup isn't just awesome for you, Its much better for our environment. You're knocking out two birds with one cup!